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50th Birthday Gifts for Him & Her

50th birthday presents for him and her

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him and Her

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a special someone who's celebrating their 50th birthday, it won't be hard to find at a GGP mall near you. This year, find a gift that’s guaranteed to make their eyes light up, from the kitchen necessities that every true chef needs to the coolest wearable tech for those who can’t be without the latest gadgets.

For Foodies

Cooking tools

He thinks he's Gordon Ramsay. She wants to be the next YouTube cooking sensation. If you're celebrating a gourmand, remember that haute cuisine starts with the hottest cooking accessories. A set of Santoku knives is a wonderful gift idea for cooks, ensuring they always have the right blade for slicing, dicing and mincing. Fans of Italian flavor are sure to appreciate a pizza stone that ensures crisp, delicious pizzas every time while minimizing mess in the oven. Woks create sizzling meals in minutes and are a practical gift for anyone who wants to bring the mouth-watering taste of the Orient to the table.

Santoku Knives

Pizza Stone


Beverage items

Whether it's red wine to complement their steak or a crisp white wine for a lazy summer evening, every host knows that special wine deserves special presentation; and if you know a connoisseur who only serves the best to guests, a wine decanter is a functional yet attractive gift idea. Of course, they're also going to need a wine rack for storing and displaying the prizes from their collection. If you know someone who would rather kick back with a coffee, espresso machines offer a delightful way to finish off a meal or to enjoy the Sunday morning paper.

Wine Decanter

Wine Rack

Espresso Machine

Home decor


Making someone's house a home involves choosing home decor that matches their style and personality. For someone who enjoys handcrafted products and has a traditional home decor, handmade rugs make wonderful birthday gifts, providing the final accents to any living space. For the busy mom who never gets time to relax or the dad who wants to unwind after a day at the office, scented candles create a sweet-smelling, welcoming ambiance. A candelabra for the entranceway is ideal for people who finally own the grand home of their dreams and want to create a sense of scale and light for instant "wow" factor.

Handmade rugs

Scented Candles


Wall Art

Wall art provides character and flair, and wall sculptures create strong focal points in any environment. Decorative masks make unique gifts and are available in styles to suit many tastes. For fans of Asian and tribal art, consider hand-carved African masks depicting people or animals. Classic comedy and tragedy masks are perfect for theater lovers. Serigraphs/silkscreen prints add splashes of color and sophistication, and make especially wonderful gifts for anyone who has recently moved into a new home and needs to brighten up the place.

Wall Sculptures

Decorative Masks

Serigraphs/silkscreen prints

For Sporty Types

Athletic clothing

Turning 50 doesn't mean turning away from an active lifestyle; on the contrary, it's just a warmup for a long, healthy life. For those who want to stay youthful forever, sports apparel is the gift that keeps on giving. Form-fitting active base layers are essential when hitting the slopes or performing outdoor activities, as they regulate body temperature and prevent the wearer from getting damp and cold. Similarly, athletic socks are a must. Even a simple sweatshirt is a great gift for active people who live life to the max. 

Base layers

Athletic Socks


Athletic shoes

Correct footwear keeps athletic dads and energetic moms on the right track, whether they love to walk, jog, hike, take fitness classes or play sports. A good pair of running shoes is perfect for runners who are ready to tackle their 50s in stride. For anyone who enjoys competitive and high-impact sports, some basketball shoes or tennis shoes are a great option. Look for designer brands such as Nike and Adidas, which ensure quality, comfort and durability. 

Athletic shoes

Basketball Shoes

Tennis Shoes

For Techies

Wearable tech

For the tech-savvy, you can't go wrong with the gift of the newest wearable gadgets. Bluetooth headsets ensure music lovers have the opportunity to listen to their favorite jams on the go. And if you want to make sure the music never ends, solar cell phone chargers are a wise investment. Wireless headphones aren't just for the Monday morning commute to the office; they are perfect for dancing around the kitchen while making lunch, jogging in the park or going for a bike ride. 


Solar charger

Wireless headphones

Tablet and e-reader accessories

Everybody knows somebody who is never far from a tablet or e-reader. A new tablet is an incredible gift that provides endless opportunities for entertainment, allowing the recipient to stay in touch, surf the internet or explore fantastic works of literature. For the book lover who's running out of shelf space, e-book readers are the thoroughly modern alternative, packing countless novels and non-fiction works into a palm-sized, portable package. Of course, they're going to want to take their new gadget everywhere - the mall, the beach, the train - so pick out a colorful and attractive e-book reader sleeve to keep the device safe from harm. 


E-Book Reader

E-Book reader sleeve


Men’s Accessories

For the stylish man in your life, fresh and fashionable accessories are thoughtful gifts that express deep affection and ensure he is always looking his best. Designer watches are chic, practical and suitable for work and play. Alternatively, pick out some stunning cufflinks that complement his work suits – but are equally suitable for that hot dinner date he's got planned. Speaking of hot, sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Prada, and Oakley make ideal gifts for a man who loves looking good – and protecting his eyes – while spending time in the great outdoors. 




Women’s Accessories

If the special lady in your life never leaves home without her go-to accessories – lipstick, compacts, brushes, eyeliner, phone, the all-important book for her commute to work – she’ll need somewhere to stash it all. Stylish purses and bags are fabulously functional gift ideas that also provide the finishing touch to her chic ensemble. Look for designer names, including Ralph Lauren, Coach and Michael Kors, if you really want to wow her. Dressy watches for a night on the town will make sure her birthday is the time of her life, and fine jewelry like drop and dangle earrings is always a good choice – after all, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

purses and bags


drop and dangle earrings